J - VST, s.r.o.
Ulrychova 67
624 00 BRNO
Tel./Fax: +420 541 222 639

J-VST, s.r.o.

The main activities of the company J-VST are concerned in the fields of development of cold forging technology, testing and implementation of this technology into production, production and complementation of tools. The company also produces machine components using cold forging processes.
The machinery of the company includes mechanical and hydraulic presses (max 2500kN), rolling machines, and automatic presses.

Main activities

Production of components for automotive and custom industry focused on cold forging and finishing operations

Main products

  • Car locks stirrups
  • Parts of door locks
  • Bolts and pin parts of nonstandard shapes and sizes
  • Cold forging of threads
  • Cutting operation of cold forging semi-products
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